Hey, I’m David White, a software developer living near Stoke-on-Trent primarily using Erlang. I’m proficient in Erlang, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby and PHP.

I have an HND in Computer Games Programming from Staffordshire University, and still have a passion for games programming and related disciplines (Running/automating game servers, for example).

You can find me on GitHub: wizardfrag


I’m currently not working on any projects publicly – most of my work is private. You can find my past projects below.

Past projects


mc-ping is a project I created to be able to use the server-list-ping feature of Minecraft from within node.js. Unfortunately it no longer works correctly with Minecraft 1.8+. A working fork (mc-ping-updated) has been created by CryptKeeper.

You can find the source code for mc-ping at wizardfrag / mc-ping